Meet the Team


The Select Electrical Team


Dave Slee

Director / Electrician

Dave served his apprenticeship and worked as an Electrician in the UK for over 15 years before making the move to New Zealand. In the UK Dave worked in the commercial and industrial sector before embarking on his own successful company which he continued with until the lure of travel took hold.

Dave and his wife, Sue, spent over 2 years travelling, visiting many countries including; Australia, USA, Pacific Islands, Asia and also New Zealand. On returning back to the UK in 2007 Dave and Sue made the decision to relocate their lives to Queenstown.

"After years of travel we realised that Queenstown was the perfect place to call home".

Dave worked for several local companies gaining experience in high end architectural homes, automation and building control systems.

In 2013 Dave made the decision to work offshore in Australia on Barrow Island's The Gorgon Project which he did for 3 years.

During this time he gained many new skill sets working in the heavy industrial sector of the electrical business.

On his return in 2016 Dave took a management role where he was able to develop his skill sets yet again before embarking on setting up Select Electrical Installations. At this point he realised that his passion was delivering high quality work to satisfied customers and this is what the focus of Select Electrical Installations was to be.

With over 31 years of electrical experience in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, from residential, commercial and industrial electrical installations you can guarantee that Dave can help you with whatever your vision may be.


Matt Proctor

Senior Electrical Apprentice

Matt grew up in Birmingham in the UK where he worked as a Bricklayer and has been travelling the world since 2013. During his travels he came across Queenstown and soon realised that this is where he wanted to stay. 

Since being in Queenstown Matt has returned to work in the construction industry but this time in the Electrical field. Matt started his Electrical Apprenticeship and is well on his way to becoming a fully qualified Electrician.


Chris Harvey

Electrical Apprentice

Originally from Kent in the UK Chris is the newest member to the Select team joining us in March 2020. Chris has been travelling/living in New Zealand since 2018 and like many has fallen in love with this beautiful country. 

Chris loves that travelling allows you to explore new places, try new foods and meet new people. 

He enjoys having fun in the outdoors. Some of his hobbies include hiking, snowboarding and biking and he generally loves all things to do with cars and motorbikes. He dreams of one day going to the Moto Grand Prix. 

Chris trained to be an Electrical Trade Assistant in the UK and was keen to utilise his qualifications in New Zealand, and has recently commenced an electrical apprenticeship. He initially worked in Auckland before coming to Queenstown. “I’m extremely happy to be the newest member and part of the Select Electrical Team” 


Sue Slee

Office Manager

Originally from Derby in the UK Sue has traveled the world a few times and decided that Queenstown was by far the best place to live. So, along with Dave, moved out here is 2007.

Sue enjoys spending time outdoors be it running or on her bike exploring the many amazing trails that we have here. 

Sue's role emcompasses everything to do with the office side of Select Electrical.